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About BPI Express Online
  BPI Express Online is a new convenient way of banking. You can:

view a summary of your enrolled accounts and their corresponding balances
transfer funds between your peso non-TD accounts enrolled in BPI Express Online
enroll another person's account and transfer funds to it from your BPI, BPI Family Bank, or BPI Direct account
enroll and pay all your bills listed in the Bills Payment facility. View list of merchants.
experience the comfort of viewing and paying your bills through the Internet
enroll additional accounts, be it another Savings or Checking account, Time Deposit, Consumer Loan, Credit Card or Investment Account. No need to nominate another User ID and Password.
reload your own or someone else's Globe Handy Phone and Touch Mobile prepaid phones.
apply for, enroll, or reload your Express Cash, My ePrepaid or Express Money Order card and monitor your card usage and balances
download the BPI Express Mobile app designed specifically for your mobile phone, including iPhone, Blackberry and Android
request for non-delivery and printing of your paper statements
request for other services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week through a computer with Internet connection and a secure browser.

  What is the difference between BPI Express Online and Express Link?
BPI Express Online offers Internet banking services to existing individual customers of the Bank. Its online transactions involve individual consumer deposit accounts. Functionalities include real time transfer of funds between your various accounts and to third party accounts enrolled for Funds Transfer, balance inquiry, payment of bills, reorder of checkbooks, reloading transactions, stop payment orders, and request for other banking services.

BPI ExpressLink, on the other hand, offers Internet financial services to existing corporate clients of the Bank. Its transactions involve corporate deposit accounts. Functionalities include multi-currency current account balances, current and previous day's beginning balance and all transactions, company’s transaction history up to two months, loan transaction summary and history, import and export transactions, and other corporate services. For more details regarding the features of Express Link, log on to http://www.bpiexpresslink.com.

  What is the difference between BPI Express Online and BPI Direct?
BPI Direct is BPI’s Bank-on-the-Web. You can open a BPI Direct account online at www.bpidirect.com. All accounts opened online are automatically eligible for Internet Banking services. BPI Direct offers higher rates and paperless transactions with additional online services.

BPI Express Online is the Internet Banking Platform of BPI and its subsidiaries - BPI Family Bank, BPI Direct and BPI Europe. All your Internet transactions are done via this platform. Here, you can access all your BPI, BPI Family Bank, BPI Direct and BPI Europe accounts.

  Why should I choose BPI Express Online?
You have full control of your finances with BPI Express Online. No need to wait for long queues in the branches just to pay your bills or transfer funds. It’s very simple, easy and hassle free. With BPI Express Online, your PC becomes your own personal banking center.
  What kind of software and hardware does BPI Express Online require?
All you need is a computer with a modem and Internet access. A secure and compatible browser is required.
  Is BPI Express Online available to me 24 hours a day, any day of the week?
Yes, BPI Express Online can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and even on special holidays.
  Is BPI Express Online accessible from outside the Philippines?
Yes! All you need is a computer with an Internet access and a compatible browser.
  How much does online banking with BPI Express Online cost?
BPI Express Online access is FREE of charge.
  How can I enroll in BPI Express Online?
For instructions on how to enroll in BPI Express Online, click here.
  How can I give comments or suggestions regarding BPI Express Online?
Your comments and suggestions will be of great help to us. Click here.
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BPI Express Online Account Information
  What accounts can I access online?
The following are the accounts that can be accessed with BPI Express Online:
Peso, US Dollar and Third Currency Savings Account
Peso, US Dollar and Third Currency Checking Account
Time Deposit Account
Credit Card
Express Cash, Express Money Order and My ePrepaid card
Consumer Loan
Investment Account

  Can I open a BPI Deposit Account online?
Only BPI Direct deposit accounts can be opened online. However, you need to complete the new account opening application process at the most convenient BPI branch which you will nominate. Your branch of convenience is where you will also get your ATM card or checkbook. At the branch, you will be asked to sign your signature card with deposit terms and agreements and make your initial deposit.
  What confirmation do I get that the account was actually opened?
You will get an e-mail confirmation instructing you to visit your nominated branch of convenience. This serves as the confirmation that your account opening request is now ready for processing at your nominated branch of convenience. Upon visiting your nominated branch of convenience, you will be asked to complete the new deposit account opening procedures.
  Can I open a corporate account online?
No. Corporate accounts can be opened at any BPI branch. Only BPI Direct deposit accounts for individuals can be opened via BPI Express Online.
  I am abroad, can I open a deposit account online?
Yes, you can apply for a BPI Direct deposit account online abroad. However, to complete the opening of the account, you need to go to your nominated branch of convenience to sign the necessary papers and to make an initial deposit.

However, we are working on ways of having our clients abroad open an account via the Net, making it paperless as much as possible. Please continue to visit our site for further developments regarding this matter.
  What should I do if I still have more questions regarding my accounts?
If you have further questions regarding your accounts, you can e-mail us or call our 24-hour Call Center…BPI Express Phone. Click here for more details.
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BPI Express Online User ID and Password
  I forgot my password, or the system is having trouble identifying me, or I have tried to log in 3 times and the system locked me out, what do I do?

No need to worry! All you need is to grab a phone and call BPI Express Phone. For more details on how to reset your password, click here.
  When I attempt to sign in to BPI Express Online, I get an error message informing me that my password/User ID is incorrect. What do I do?
This error is displayed when:
- You have entered a wrong password for a User ID
- You have entered a wrong User ID and a correct password
- You did not enter a password or a User ID
- Your internet browser is set to Auto complete an incorrect / old password

Your account will be disabled after 3 consecutive invalid attempts. If the same error occurs or your account is disabled, please click here for assistance.
  How can I change my password?
To do this, just go to the Account Maintenance menu and click on the link to Change Password. Completely fill up the change password form and hit on the Submit button. We strongly advise that you change your password regularly to ensure maximum security.
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Enrollment of Accounts Online
  How long does it take to complete my enrollment request to the different facilities of BPI Express Online? (Bills Payment, Additional Accounts, Third Party Funds Transfer, Funds Transfer)

BPI Express Online Enrollment
ATM Activation Day after you activated your enrollment through the ATM
Passbook/BPI Europe/Non-
Philippine Resident
2 banking days after the receipt of duly accomplished enrollment form
Credit Card Enrollment Activated after 5 minutes

There are cases when activation of accounts are delayed because further verification has to be made regarding the client’s account information.
  Do I have to convert my passbook account to an ATM account in order for it to be enrolled in BPI Express Online?
No, you can enroll your ATM, passbook or credit card accounts in BPI Express Online. To learn more on the enrollment procedure, click here.
  Why do I have to submit my enrollment forms to the branch or Fulfillment Banking?
BPI requires the client to submit the enrollment forms to ascertain his willingness to enroll in the facility. It also serves as a control procedure for possible fraudulent transactions. Our existing enrollment procedures are not meant to bring inconvenience to our clients but were designed for the mutual protection of the Bank and its clients.
  Can I send attached scanned documents via e-mail instead of going to the branch or fax the document?
No, scanned documents sent via e-mail are not considered valid documents. Original copy of the document is required to prove the authenticity of the document.

Documents can be easily tampered using computer graphic software leading to fraudulent documents and forms. The Bank is also taking precautionary measures to prevent viruses from entering the Bank’s system. This is another part of our policy designed for the mutual protection of the Bank and its clients.
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My Portfolio
  What is the difference between available balance and total balance?
The total balance is your balance as of the date specified on the screen inclusive of check deposits and any amount on hold while available balance is your withdrawable balance as of today exclusive of uncleared check deposits and any amount on hold.
  What is an account detail?
Account detail pertains to all transactions posted to your account. Account detail allows you to review transactions posted to your personal checking, savings and time deposit accounts. Details include the date, amount and description of the transaction. You can view transactions done within the last 60 days online.

For auto and housing loan accounts, details include monthly amortization, next due date, last payment date, and other matters pertinent to your loan account.

  Can I request for a copy of my account statement/account details online? Can I print it?
Yes, your account statement within a 60-day period is available in BPI Express Online. You can print it for your file or future reference.
  Why is my account number ending in "6" online when it actually ends in "5" on my ATM card?
The account number you see online (xxx6-xxxx-xx) is your deposit account number. The number embossed on your card (xxx5-xxxx-xx), on the other hand, is the ATM card number. Rest assured that both numbers refer to the same account. When making transactions, please indicate the ATM card number appearing on the face of your card.
  Why is my enrolled account no longer included in My Portfolio even if I did not request for deactivation or deletion of the said account?
Only active accounts can be viewed online. Once the status of your account becomes inactive, dormant or closed, your account will not be displayed anymore. The system automatically removes online access to these accounts because of its status.
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Funds Transfer
  What is Funds Transfer?
It is an Internet-based service wherein funds are transferred online. You can transfer funds between your accounts and to enrolled third party accounts real time.
  Will I be charged every time I perform a Funds Transfer?
With BPI Express Online, you can transfer funds free of charge.
  When can I perform a transfer transaction?
Funds Transfer can be performed any time of the day provided you have sufficient funds for the transfer.
  Is there a limit to the amount that I can transfer per transaction?
No. There is no limit to the amount that you can transfer per transaction. However, only cleared and withdrawable balances of your accounts nominated for Internet Banking shall be considered for Funds Transfer.
  How do I know if the Funds Transfer made was already posted in my account?
To verify if the transfer was posted to your account, go to My Portfolio, click on the More Options icon, choose View Account Details then select View my transactions for the day.
  What if my account has no sufficient fund for the transfer?
If your account has no sufficient funds, the transfer will be cancelled and no further attempt will be made by BPI to make the transfer.
  Can I stop my request to transfer fund?
There is no way you can stop a processed transfer.
  Can I accidentally overdraw an account?
No. You cannot take out more funds than what is currently available in your account.
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Payments and Reloading
  How can I enroll in the Bills Payment facility?
You can enroll your bills by clicking on the link to enroll bills in the Payments & Reloading navigation bar. This is under the Bills Payment menu.

You will need a valid ATM account to enroll your bills for Bills Payment. Maximum number of merchants that can be enrolled in one card number is 20. Bills already enrolled in Express Teller (ATM) and BPI Express Phone are automatically enrolled in BPI Express Online.

  What bills can I enroll?
You can enroll bills from country clubs, credit cards, insurance, utilities, telephones, pagers, cable companies, Internet service providers, and even selected schools. To view bills that you can pay using our Bills Payment facility, click here.
  Why do I need an ATM card to enroll in Bills Payment?
You need to nominate your ATM card when you are enrolling in the Bills Payment facility because the Bills Payment system works only with ATM-based accounts. Your ATM card links your enrolled merchants in the Bills Payment facility.
  Why are my previously enrolled Bills Payment merchants missing?
If the status of the ATM account where your bills are linked becomes INACTIVE or CLOSED, the account is automatically deleted from your portfolio. Thus, all enrolled Bills Payment merchants enrolled under that ATM account would be deleted as well.
  If I pay my bills today, when will my payment be credited?
Depending on the merchant's updating policy, your payment will be reflected on the merchant's record within 1-3 banking days from your transaction date.
  What is Prepaid Cellphone Reload?
Prepaid Cellphone Reload is a facility that allows you to reload value into your own or someone else's prepaid cell phone account by debiting your deposit account real-time.

Currently, Globe Handyphone Prepaid and Touch Mobile accounts are available for this facility.

For Globe Handyphone Prepaid, you can choose from the five pre-denominated amounts of PhP 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1,000. For Touch Mobile, you can choose from five pre-denominated amounts of PhP 50, 100, 200, 400 and 1,000

  How can Prepaid Cellphone Reload be availed?
If you are using BPI Express Online, choose Reload Enrolled Prepaid Phones from the Payments & Reloading menu. Choose the desired denomination, the account to be debited and the mobile number you wish to reload, then click the "Submit" button. A confirmation screen will be displayed. Once confirmed, a text confirmation message will be sent to the Prepaid Mobile number you reloaded.

  Can I reload someone else's prepaid mobile number?
You may also reload someone else's Globe Handyphone Prepaid or Touch Mobile number via BPI Express Online. To enroll a prepaid mobile number, go to Payments & Reloading, select Prepaid Phones and Enroll Prepaid Phones.
  What if the text advisory is not received?
Using the mobile phone you reloaded, call 222 (Globe) or 802 (Touch Mobile) to check if the amount reloaded has been credited. If not, please call Globe's Customer Service at 730-1000, or Touch Mobile's Customer Service at 730-1500 to report the incident.

If you have already confirmed the transaction, then that "incorrect" mobile number will be reloaded and the amount will not be credited back. To avoid this from happening, kindly make sure that you enter the correct details and always review the information you keyed in before confirming the transaction.
  Is there a service fee for using the prepaid loading facility?
You can access Prepaid Cellphone Reload free of charge. All you pay for is the amount you reloaded into your prepaid mobile account.
  Can I pay for the reload via Credit Card?
For now, payment via credit card is not yet available.
  Is there a limit to the number of times I can reload?
As an Internet security feature for BPI Express Online and BPI Express Phone, you may reload up to a maximum of 20 per day. For transactions via ATM, there is no limit to the number of times you can reload.
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Other Services
  Can I order checkbooks online?
Yes. You can order up to four checkbooks per month.
  When and where can I get my ordered checkbooks?
You can get your ordered checkbooks from the branch where your account is based or your branch of convenience (in the case of BPI Direct) two weeks after the request.
  How about Check Stop Payment? Can I do it online?
Yes. BPI Express Online allows you to request for a Check Stop Payment online.
  Can I reverse a stop payment order?
No. Stop Payment Order (SPO) cannot be reversed once made. You have to visit your branch of account in order to request for the reversal of SPO.
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Online Security
  What are the parameters in nominating my User ID and password?
User ID and password must be 6 to 12 alphanumeric nonblank characters. Your User ID must be unique. The system will reject a User ID that has been used earlier by another BPI Express Online client. Your password, for added security, must not be your first name and last name and not the same as your User ID.
  Is it safe for me to conduct my banking transactions using BPI Express Online?
BPI Express Online is highly SECURE as it is easily accessible. Strong measures are taken to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of your financial information.

BPI Express Online requires the use of User ID and password that you nominate upon enrollment.

More so, online banking session is automatically terminated after you have left it idle for 5 minutes. Access to BPI Express Online is only allowed through the use of approved browsers. These browsers have the ability to securely communicate online by changing the order of information as it goes through the Internet channel. All communications between your computer and BPI are encrypted using a high-level protocol called Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

Finally, a secure measure is being placed on our side. The information that you send us passes through a firewall. A firewall is a computer program designed to stop unauthorized users from accessing your accounts.

To further boost the security of your PC and online transactions, you can download and install a personal firewall and an anti-virus program. Installing a personal firewall will minimize the risk of exposure to Internet criminals who may reach out over the Internet and retrieve sensitive information from your computer, destroy your personal data, or install a Trojan horse which has the capability of memorizing your key strokes while an anti-virus program will protect you from viruses that lurk on the Internet which may affect your online transactions.

  How secure is my User ID and PASSWORD?
Upon online enrollment, you will be asked to nominate your User ID and password. You can choose any word or name that will be easy for you to remember as a User ID. Your User ID must at least be (6) six alphanumeric non-blank characters but not to exceed (12) twelve characters. For your password, a minimum of (6) six and maximum of (12) alphanumeric non-blank characters is required. Without these unique identifiers, no one can access your Internet banking accounts. As an additional security at your end, the characters you enter in the password field will be masked with asterisks. For example, if the password you inputted is mmcc110, ******* will appear in your screen.

To further prevent others from viewing your account information, be sure to clear your browser's cache when you are through. Do not forget to log out after an online banking session.

  What is ENCRYPTION and how does it work?
Encryption scrambles into unreadable format the data you send through the secured environment of Internet Banking. The account numbers, transactions and information are encrypted or scrambled to prevent hackers from reading or intercepting the data. In the secured server of Internet Banking, the data is then reverted to its original format for interpretation and fulfillment. The encryption process is also true for the data you receive from us.
  What is SSL?
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a layer that uses encryption, server authentication, and integrity checks to provide secure transaction and communication over the Internet. Any form of online communication between you and the bank is encrypted using SSL.
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Trouble Shooting
  For troubleshooting guidelines, click here.
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Other BPI Products and Services
  I have inquiries/questions on: Deposit Products

Auto Loans
Housing Loans
Credit Cards
Express Cash
Foreign Exchange
Investment Funds
Corporate Products
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