An Important Advisory on your Online Banking and Mobile app access

Please be advised that starting December 2018, we will officially move all our clients’ online banking access to the new BPI digital platforms. These new platforms utilize the latest browser and app technologies available for a more intuitive and enhanced banking experience.

We strongly encourage you to start using the new BPI Online facility and download the new BPI Mobile app now to have a smooth transition from the classic (old) platforms which will no longer be available by the following dates:

Classic (old) Platforms
No longer accessible by How to access the new platforms*
BPI Mobile app January 2, 2019
Download the new BPI Mobile app from the App Store or Google Play, and log in using your current name and password.
BPI Online Banking February 20, 2019
Type the new BPI Online URL on your browser:, then log-in using your current username and password.

*Some features may not yet be available in the new platforms, but rest assured that these functionalities will be activated soon.

Know more about the new BPI Online and Mobile app here. Start using them today!

Posted as of January 16, 2019.