BPI Technical Advisory on ATM Withdrawals in European Countries

Due to a technical issue, withdrawals done using a BPI Debit Mastercard in ATMs across Europe will not be available. We are working to fix the issue the soonest possible time and will notify you once this is resolved. In the meantime, should you travel to Europe, we advise you to bring your old ATM/Debit card and activate International Access for your old card via your nearest branch or thru 89-100 for your cash needs. The old ATM/Debit card will continue to be accepted in Cirrus-affiliated ATMs in Europe. Alternatively, you may also use your BPI Credit Card, should you have one, at Mastercard / VISA-affiliated ATMs for your cash needs thru the Cash Advance feature. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

For travel in territories outside of Europe, your BPI Debit Mastercard will be accepted for withdrawals at any Mastercard-affiliated ATM.


Posted as of July 05, 2018.